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Announcing the 2014 Tenor Malbec

We are excited to announce a new vintage of our 100% Malbec.

The Tenor Malbec is one of the two single varietals that were included in Tenor 2007 inaugural vintage (the other is Merlot). The Tenor Malbec has a soft spot in the hearts of our winemaking team, and has developed quite a loyal following amongst our fans.

Of the Tenor portfolio, the Malbec is one of the more non-traditional varietals we make. Washington Malbec isn't widely planted, nor well known in the eyes of Malbec critics. But, what we lack in awareness as a region, we make up for in development and presence. The Tenor Malbec is our darkest wine, in color. It's purple rain, going towards the black of night. The aromatics of the wine are unquestionably non-traditional, and yet alluring enough to invite you to enjoy. What looks like a wine of significant tannin gives our fans a delight when they find a gentleness to the palate. Soft and supple, with spiced peppery aromatics. This wine is versatile enough for smoked pork, roasted salmon, or herbed lamb.

We are delighted with the 2014 vintage, and entourage you to source some of the wine before it's limited allocation is sold through.

Only 116 cases were made, and Wine Club members have access to order additional wines ahead of the release this coming weekend. To secure an allocation of this limited wine, click "Join the Wine Club" above.

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