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Tenor Soloist Series: Kate Wallich

We are excited to announce the Tenor Soloist Series!

Tenor celebrates the soloist; not only in each wine we make, but the soloist in each one of us. Part of our mission in making 100% pure varietal wines that showcase their true character is to celebrate others who emulate what we are striving for here at Tenor. These are individuals who they themselves are soloists in their own right, paving a unique way to showcase who they are in the world.

Each soloist is curated by Tenor for their unique and wonderful view of the world. Just like our wines offer a pure varietal experience, during our Soloist Series, we will turn our brand over to these unique individuals to share some of the things they are both creating, and many of the things that inspire them. Soliists might choose to share videos, music, art, clips, articles, food, or their own thoughts on something close and passionate to them. Our aim for the Soloists Series is to showcase the individuals who inspire us at Tenor, and to give them a platform to share their own voice with our fans. We hope you find inspiration in them, just as we have.

With that being said, we’d like to introduce you to Kate Wallich. Kate is a dancer, choreographer, and overall creative human being. Her work Industrial Ballet was recently featured in Seattle at The Moore Theatre, and at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival. Kate is a force.

Tenor had the honor of being a part of a small, pop up performance by Kate called Peach Lawn Chair, and will be featured in the patron gifts for her upcoming December 2nd launch of Kate Wallich 501(c)(3). More info on her upcoming launch event here. If you are in the Seattle area, come join us in celebrating the launch of Kate's new dance company.

Get to know Kate below:

What things are inspiring you right now?

"Currently I am deeply inspired by community. I am realizing more and more what it means to show up and truly engage with each other. Partnerships and collaborations are driving my creative practices — from my company, to my classes, to my friends. I am genuinely interested in deepening these relationships to see what we can make together. And also… dreams, dream analysis, cheerleaders, architecture, boxes, Trisha Brown, unison, lines in space, Twyla Tharp, impressions, Twitter poetry."

What do you hope to create in the world?

"I am an artist — my work, alongside all the other artists, defines how people see and experience the world. I am constantly opening my eyes to what I cannot see, educating myself and trying to take part in positive change. My work is a response to my experience and is in forever dialogue. I am doing the work I want to do, on my own terms and hope that it continually evolves through my unique perspective as I grow and change."

What do you want people to feel?

"I hope I am bringing joy and excitement to people’s lives while still challenging perceptions and pushing the limits. It’s not always comfortable but there is always a pay off. I think about the entire experience — whether it’s a piece I am making that actually begins before you walk into the theater or it’s after my classes while we are drinking juice and laughing. All of this is part of that work, creating that space for people."

What do you enjoy / like about Tenor?

"For me, Tenor is much more than the wine itself — It’s the story. Tenor is collaboration, they are relationships, they are community, they are risk takers and so much more. When you drink Tenor wines you know the story, you know the people and you know the place. The wine is amazing and the people are too."

How can people follow your work?


2. Facebook: @katewallich Instagram: @katewallich Twitter: @katewallich

3. Kate Wallich Inaugural Season Announcement + Fundraiser - Friday December 2nd - Seattle -

*We encourage you to share this post on Facebook to get the word out about Kate's upcoming launch on Dec 2nd. We hope to see you there!

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