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“Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.” — Robert Louis Stevenson, 19th century Scottish novelist and poet

The best wines are made in the vineyard, by the seeds planted. At Tenor, we are lucky to have such a vast selection of microclimates in Washington State and a wide variety of world-class growers we collaborate with. We strive to take a holistic approach in sourcing from likeminded vineyards, pulling fruit that is an expression of its true varietal characteristics from varying vineyards that produce the wine we seek that vintage.

With the longwinded 2014 vintage now complete, Tenor is gearing up for a stellar vintage, from vine to bottle. “Stylistically, it leans more toward a Tenor-style vintage” says winemaker Aryn Morell. “Riper fruits, bigger volume, more texture, finer tannin—it made it a bit easier for us to craft these wines.”

Upon reflection (and in technical data), 2014 was a warm vintage, however still cooler than 2013. This provided the wines with ripeness and texture, yet vibrancy and acid to the structure of the wine, Aryn says.

“We have finished malolactic fermentation on a good 40 percent of the lots already. The wines, because they have a lot more substance, are carrying better,” he says. “They don’t come off as alcoholic but richer, thicker, heavier. You’ll see some of the Cabernet finishing ML and seeing some of the same things, not quite as opulent as some of the Merlots and Cab Franc from this vintage but densely concentrated and aromatic.”

Aryn says the biggest characteristic with 2014 vintage is the magnitude of volume and mid-palate weight. “They have a lot more aromatic intensity but with more suppleness,” says Aryn. “They are more of a textural experience.”

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