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In music, the tenor is most often a soloist, the one who stands alone in the limelight. They represent the starting point—the truest note—from which all other vocal ranges are measured. We founded Tenor in 2007 because we believe every grape has its own voice, and we wanted to give each varietal a chance to stand alone and reveal its true character.

Tenor produces limited releases of 100% single varietal Washington wines. In the U.S., the wine laws allow wine producers to blend up to 25% of any additional varietals in a particular wine, without disclosing it to the consumer. Our desire was to start a winery whose sole intention was to provide our fans a pure wine experience with each one of our wines; this is the reason we guarantee every vintage of Tenor will always be 100% of the varietal on the label. Producing single varietal wines that can stand confidently beside premium wine blends requires an exceptional dedication at every step in the process, and a true love for the craft of winemaking. Every bottle walks a razor’s edge between boldness and balance.

Our standard is to deliver a benchmark experience with each one of our varietals. We've honed the vineyards and winemaking process to ensure each varietal and vintage is showcased in a way that delivers a pure wine experience. This mission to deliver a complete expression of grape, place, and vintage in each bottle means the number of cases we produce each year is extremely limited; only 150 - 250 cases of each wine are made annually. We do our very best to work with our Members and Mailing List to ensure they can secure the wines, and after that, the wines are placed in the caring hands of selected restaurants and wine shops.

Tenor wines are made in a state-of-the-art wine making studio in Woodinville, WA. We invite you to become a Member or to join our Mailing List and celebrate the soloist in each one of our wines.

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