2015 Tenor Merlot

We’re not making Merlot for the faint of heart. Merlot is one of the world’s greatest red varietals. It can be big, supple and complex, but coaxing all those notes out of the grape is a challenge, which is why it’s often maligned or misunderstood as a soft, generic red. We want to showcase a wholly different side of Merlot. We want to show that even a 100% Merlot can be as big, as textured and as exciting to drink as a Cabernet and bring its own unique voice to the table. Merlot loves Washington’s climate. The unique sites and growing season enable us to bring out a little bit of everything that great Merlot is known for. We get enough heat and exposure to develop great ripeness and freshness, but our long season, cool nights and large diurnal shifts enable us to build great concentration and flavor intensity as well. We think of it as big and rich meets lean and racy. Tenor Merlot is full throttle and exciting, but still balanced and elegant.

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Tasting Notes

Intense notes of raspberry puree, sweet smoke and spices. A hint of black tea and berry potpourri adds complexity. Swirling adds sweet fruit, strawberry jam, plum skin, floral notes and crème brulee. The palate is saturated with red and black fruits, fine tannin and vibrancy that defies its ripeness. The finish is long and compressed, hinting at its need for short term cellaring.

Wine Facts


Columbia Valley


Dionysus, Red Mountain, Pepper Bridge

Varietal Composition:

100% Merlot


Fermented in 17% concrete and 83% stainless steel. Aged in 67% new French oak for 20 months.



Cases Produced:




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Additional Information about this Vintage

Vineyard Philosophy Merlot is one of the few varietals in which we aggressively restrict yields. Merlot vines will hang as much fruit as they can, so in most cases, we’re pushing the threshold to maximize concentration and flavor intensity. We’re meticulous about site choice, soil and exposure, but we source our Merlot from several vineyards. This enables us to create a wine that has it all: power, suppleness, texture, smoky fruit, intense aromatics.

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